Cyber-age identity

If you click on my profile you will see 7 blogs at my dashboard. A friend of mine asked me, "why do you have so many blogs?"

Well, basically Wonderland is my primary blog which I write almost everything here.

Digdugdig is my M.A. study blog for me to keep track of my research also for classmates and tutors to interact and comments. We don't research from books only nowaday, the best way of storing online journal, article, news, images are blog. Somemore, blog was originally invented for this purpose.

oneartclub is a college club that I run, you will find most of the students activities, art shows, field trips and so on there. I am hoping to make it into a online community for art lover to give and take.

Bacamalaysia is a hobby blog, for books lover. Because we realise that one can't read that much, and good books need to be shared, so we share. Of course, the first rule is that you can not share more than you read.

The rest are student blogs. I ask almost every class to open a class blog for sharing. Again, how much can a lecturer do in class, how often does a lecturer talk to each student, or worse still, how often does students interact? I found that class blog is a common public place for students to "gather" and share. Almost everything students do in the class are properly documented. Somemore, it's not from one (official) source, but from everyone, you hear (almost) every voice.

check it out:

So on and off, I will contribute to student blogs. Suprisingly, I found that students from other major also visit the blog and (maybe) benefit from the blog.

What does all this thing tell us? Yes, we are living in a cyber-age, everybody is sharing. And the best thing is that you do not have to be phisically belong to a community, but through blog, you're informed of everything that community is doing. All of us have only one phisical body, but we can have many vitual identities. What we need is one hub for ourselves to link to all channels.

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