My Work and I

Art to me is not only the window to the objective world, but also the window to one's soul. I like to observe and experience the reality with some “distance”. I do not pretend to be cynical, but this is perhaps the result of my own personality. I am sometimes in the dilemma of finding the balance between seeing the reality as a spectator and experiencing it as a participant. Paradoxically, I believe the space in between myself and the reality is where art has come to have its own places of sojourn. 

When I work, I also try to keep a “distance” between myself the work that I created, so that I can see and respect my work as an "independent existence". Sometimes, I draw according to my own will, sometimes the work counter-change me.

On Choosing Comic as a Form of Creation

I am a greedy artist. I put in great enthusiasm
for all types of arts. Comic, as 9th art, its rich and unique form satisfy my desire.

Similar to movie, comic is a comprehensive/ synthetic art, it attracts me because of the occurrence of all things can be completely controlled by one person in the studio.


件漫画作品的创作包括了绘画所需要注意的一切事项,构图,光线,线条及色彩的表现力;也包括了舞台演出的选角色,剧本,表演,舞台背景,配乐;它甚至包括 了文字及声音的安排(如何营造时间,速度及声音),及把它结集在一起成为一个完整作品的编辑书籍的一切知识。类似电影,它是一门综合艺术,而他最吸引我的 原因在于这一切的发生是可以完全由一个人掌控,在工作室里完成。