Are you still in THE ONE?

Always there are friends, especially those long-time-no-see friends ask me this question when we meet on the street, or some corner on the earth,

"Are you still in THE ONE?".

I know a lot of them ask this question out of care, but also a lot of them ask because there is nothing better to ask. I felt very straight.

Thought they might not intensionally meant it, but from their tone of voice and expression, it sounds like,

"THE ONE is not a good place, why are you still there?" or

"Teacher is low grade job, why be a teacher?" or

"Why are you so shallow? You should come out to see the world!" or

"Changing job is normal, why haven't you change?"

Basically I think that education is a career that worth life time investment, a better word is contribution; Second, becoming a teacher doesn't make you more shallow, the most shallow people on this earth is those who do everything for money, or for the benefit of themselves ONLY; Third, teaching give you more time and chance to restructure and filter what you know; And finally, changing job doesn't make you look smarter or more trendy, that only reveal your attitude towards job or disclose how bad is your company.

So, if you see a funny and weird expression on my face when you ask me this question on the street next time, you know what have I being thinking of. Thank you for your care, I am doing good, sorry if I miss taken you.


garrylin said...

Well, in Life, some people move on.. some people stay... actually we can't blame people who work for money... Since money is the commodity for us to survive.. it is an essential for us to get the things we need in life. In short:

1> we don't need money
2> we need food, shelter, etc
3> we can use money to get Food, shelter and etc.
4> we need to get money to get food, shelter and etc.

It's the rule of survival. As the world becomes more and more materialistic, we cannot deny the importance of Money. Though it's not the most important thing of all.

As i read on, i realize that its important that we know our first Love. It's good to see that you identified your 'first love' Since you know your first love, why bother with what others say? You know whats best in your own shoe.

Like mentioned, some people move on, some people stay. whatever the outcome, though as bad it may seem to others, but as good and as perfect it may be for the rest...

Liew Sio Yean 刘小原 said...

Yu Dan, Professor of Beijing University once said,"We live with a direction not am aim." I am quite agree with it.

Let me decode it.

If the direction is set to survive, then there are many ways to keep surviving. Money is one of the ways.

But an aim is very narrow and focus. When you only focus on the aim you don't get to see the big picture.

To live a better life is a direction, to earn RM1 million is an aim. We don't need to earn RM1 milliion to live a better live,like wise, earning RM1 million don't gurantee you a better live.

The problem is, a lot of people live for an aim and expecting by achiving the aim they can see the direction. But when they are aiming the aim, they forget about the rest of things in life which are equally important. And some wasted their whole life chasing for something not achievable.

Make it simple, some people keep changing job is because the direction was set not clear in the very begining. They only have a short term aim which is to get a job and survive, which is absolutely right. But after a while they still don't see the direction, but set another short term aim, so they change their job again to get higher pay, which is still ok. But still the direction is not set yet so another short term aim is made. So they change again. In the end they find themselves doing too much thing unnecessarily in life, wasting too much precious time and energy.

So, setting a direction keeps you on move on with confident, though there might be failure but the vision is clear.

Setting short term aim make thing easier to achieve, when things don't go right, you might be lost in wonders.

Have you found your vision? or direction in life?

Jay E said...

"Still in TheOne???"

well, great, because i really enjoy your class. Clothes changing for those simplified figures is real fun(add so much fun in drawing stressing figure).


your student,

Liew Sio Yean 刘小原 said...

still in the one.

thanks for enjoying the class.

hope it benefit your for another 10-20 years.

Jay E said...

Now still having your class la.
Sure benefit me for more than 20 years coz i want to 'stuck' in design field, the longer the better.

Liew Sio Yean 刘小原 said...


I simply hope that drawing is not the surviving tools for people in the industry, but whoever that can see, he must draw.

Jan Faye said...

i think teachers are awesome! deffinately on the top of my list of most respectable proffesions!!!

teaching might be a low pay job, but deffinately faaaaaar from being a low grade job. ever heard of the phrase "teachers are the pillars of society". where would most of us be without our teachers?

hope that cheers u up abit ;)

Liew Sio Yean 刘小原 said...

I am not sad friend. Just Does it sound sad. Oh no. I just get annoyed when people ask me this question. Ha Ha

Jan Faye said...

are u still in The One?

hehehe.... aaaaaarrr!!! dun kill me XD play play oni ;P

Liew Sio Yean 刘小原 said...

hahah, YES

catt said...

I'll still ask you the same question nexttime i meet you.

Because you r the bridge that i can get to reach The One. Or shall i say, i still contact The One's ppl, n thats you. Hehe

Money, Glory, Family, Portfolio? Everyone have their own needs n aim. As long as you ENJOYING your life, you r the winner.


Liew Sio Yean 刘小原 said...

aha, yalah that's true.

Jessica Tsang said...

i like you as my lecturer ;) you are a good lect ;) hehehehe.. keep enjoy-ing whatever you do now ^^