Just Wild Guess

Our man is on the space!!!

Let me also predict what would they say, haha, just for fun!

minister A
"Malaysia Bo~leh, ole~ole~ole~ole~"

minister B: "This will stir the passion of youngster nowsaday to study sains and technology"
journalist from media D: "In English or BM?"
minister B: "sains and technology are bery bery important."
journalist from media A: " But the English text books are not sponsored??"
minister B: "if you study sains you can become spaceman."
journalist from media A: " ......"

budak A: "Mak, Saya juga nak jadi Spaceman!"
emak: "Ban~~~yak~~~ bagus"
budak malay A: "Tapi Mak, macam mana buat matamatik ini?"
emak: "eh....satu tambah.... satu... tambah satu......you pegi tanya baba lah!"
budak B: "eh....Ali....Jom pegi main bola...aiya...tak paya buat la kerja itu...mari..mari...mereka dah tungu lama...."

budak cina: "Mum..I want..."
mum: "you wait long long then have."
dad: "NO need to think, wait long long also don't have!"

budak india: "Mummm..I want to be a Spaaaacemen."
mum: "$%%&*^*($%%&&*(*)"
budak india: "Mummm..I want to be a Spaaaacemen."
mum: "$%%&*^*($%%&&*(*)"
budak india: "Mummm..I want to be a Spaaaacemen."
mum: "$%%&*^*%^^&&^*(&*&&%#$%^&&*()_)(*&^%$$%^&*())$$%^%&&(_())_(*(^$%#$#$$%%^$#$%%&*^&%%#$%$^^*("

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Liew Sio Yean 刘小原 said...

Before you get to comment anything and conclude that I'm a racist, let me clarify that I'm just using this issue to speak into the culture of our country.

The government is always kind enough to try any way that they can think of to make us unite, or to make us proud to be a Malaysian, or to convert the way that we think. But the reality is that, we are so Diversified, or make it simple, all of us are unique.

Instead of having more and more money wasting project, why not they just close down some of the tolls, or at least improve our public transport. Then we(no matter what race, as long as you are a Malaysian) shall say, "Malaysia really Boleh!"

Bea said...

wah....no one comment at all...hahah!!!

Hmm...yeah, improving the public transports will make some of us happy...but i don't think that would really make us a united nation...because the real issue is in the mindset of the people...whether we can accept each other's uniqueness..^_^

Liew Sio Yean 刘小原 said...

what shape the country is the politic,economy, culture and education. With a good policy which make the economy better will give the sense of security to the people. And unity comes after security.

If a country is not secured, don't talk about unity.

The core issue is still, "Am I proud to be a Malaysian?"