Manga-influenced, Globalisation or just mere co-incident?

Often we heard people saying students from the same college carry the same style. I guess this is something unavoidably common. With the blooming of internet, there is hardly anything absolutely new. People interact, share, download and copy, imitate and the common saying: the world is flat.

It is not by intension that I put the following images together so that to prove my points, just that my interest has lead me to juxtapose the images together and try to search for something in common. The following images are done by the hot-cake- illustrators in the States. What did you see? Manga-influenced? Globalisation or just mere co-incident? Maybe simply because most of them were nurtured by the same soil and water.

Image courtesy of Yuko Shimizu

Image courtesy of Koren Shadmi

Image courtesy of Dongyun-lee

Image courtesy of James Jean

Image courtesy of SAM WEBER

Image courtesy of Dan Park

Image courtesy of Tomer Hanuka

Image courtesy of Goni Montes

Image courtesy of Marcos Chin

Image courtesy of Andrew Archer

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