Bombay Sapphire Art Projects

Bombay Sapphire Art Projects

Bombay Sapphire Art Projects is a mini art festival created with the aim to encourage and support artists in developing ideas and exploring new directions in their practice.

Programme Aim
Bombay Sapphire Art Projects 2009 (BSAP09) is on the look out for interesting and challenging work especially by emerging artists from Malaysia. The aim is to encourage and support artists in developing ideas and exploring new directions in their practice. The programme hopes to promote the exchange of ideas, cultures and practices among artists and their audience.

Programme Structure
BSAP09 encourages projects which are developmental in nature. This means projects that have yet to be made, involving a future body of work or a work in progress, which explore a particular idea or theme. Once the proposal has been approved, the artist/s will be given the opportunity to develop the idea into an exhibition. The basic character of the idea/project must remain consistent to the proposal (with allowances for minor changes). Artist/s are expected to remain in regular contact and work closely with programme organizers from early development stages to exhibition.

Artist/s whose projects have been selected will receive a stipend to develop and exhibit their work at VWFA Project Room upon completion. The BSAP09 exhibitions will be held from August - October 2009. Each exhibition will run for the duration of 3 weeks.

Participation in the programme is by application and artists are invited to submit proposals to develop a new project in the space.

Artists from Malaysia working in any media in visual arts are eligible to apply.

The application is open to individual artists, collaborations between two or more artists, and artists groups. We are also open to multi-disciplinary collaborations.

Selection process
A panel from the local arts community as well as representatives of the programme sponsor will make the selection of the projects.

Application Guidelines
When applying for the BSAP09, please include the following:

1) A detailed proposal written in ENGLISH or BAHASA MALAYSIA. It should be a clear and concise description of the project and ideas. The proposal should be NO MORE than 5 (A4) pages long. It must state clearly the following:

• Concept
Discussion of themes and/or theoretical background; objectives and rationale behind the proposed project.

• Methodology
How will the project take shape? Amount of space required, how does the artist/s intend to carry out the project, how will the work be installed –work plan and time schedules-- and a description of the visual appearance of the project.

• Budget Plan
A proposed budget for production of the project. The ceiling for each project is RM 10,000. Your budget should include the following items:
- artists’ fees
- research cost (e.g books, magazines reference materials)
- material cost (e.g. spray paint, special fabric etc.)
- production cost (e.g.editing/post-production, printing)
- installation cost (e.g. special hooks, stands, lights)
- travel expenses (if any)
- foldout catalogue (RM 2,000)

2) All relevant visual materials of best possible quality such as diagrams, sketches, maquettes, storyboard or moodboard (if necessary) with details and installation views.

3) An up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV). For group applicants, CVs of all participating artists are required.

Budget Information
Listed below are the exhibition costs which VWFA Project Room will undertake. Any variation to this will be at the sole discretion of the project sponsors and organizers.

• On-line catalogue hosted by VWFA website
• E-invitation to VWFA’s mailing list
• Standard materials (e.g. white paint, nails, packaging) necessary for the hanging and dismantling of exhibitions. Special requirements for an exhibition (e.g. hire equipment, hanging materials, assistant) need to be stated in project proposal.
• A modest opening event

Deadline for the submission of BSAP09 proposals is 30 April 2009.

For more information about the BSAP09, please contact Simon Soon at


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