What am I doing recently

I have participated in a illustration competition. Yes, my aim is the Wii console.
I am hoping to change it with Iphone if I really win, haha. Of course, the winners got the chance to exhibition their works during the Taipei Toy Festival in Taiwan this year.

The story of the character LEO ROMEO reminds me of Salvador Dali. The initial sketches have a lion face at the background.

I also tried on M.C. Escher's multi-view-point approach.

Final pencil line.

Out of busy work-load, I was left one night for colouring. A lot of details are yet to be refined. But I enjoy the "paint touch" of the process. Not to be restricted by the outline, just keep paint over the underlaying paint. The end result is a bit "oil paint-like" or "gouache-like".







Bea said...

nice painting~~

hope you win the wii! i've actually been playing wii the last weekend because we had a wii tennis competition at my company anniversary party...

小原 said...

wowow!!!very company with console are cool company.