Shape Your Future

Dear students,

Whoever saw this poster, help me to inform your friends.

talk by Sachi,
Title: Shape Your Future

Date: 31 May 08
Time: 10 a.m. - 12noon
Venue: Audio Visual Hall, TOA

This talk will be conducted in English and is opened to students from all majors!

We are also having a Creative Bazaar on the same day @ The One Gallery.

Participants included PIPIT and HUGO's GARDEN.
Come and interact with the exhibitors.


ice said...

but... we have class lecturer=.=lll

sophia said...

hi sio yean sophia is my blog link

mel@aiko said...

hello sioyean~~

im melinda from AD065-2...
u teach us marker for storyboard XD

my blog is:

Anonymous said...

hi ^^
lee san here from class AD0681
sini ! my blog link

jean lau tan said...

if you don wanna put your future into shake, so must come to shape your future! hehe...SHAKE IT OR SHAPE IT