Urbanscapes @ KLpac

Yeah! Wonderful event we had on last Saturday at KL pac. If you've never been to KL pac, go! Stop at Sentul KTM station, and walk 15mins (there is shortcut). Beautiful place, loads of performances. If you always headache what to do on weekend, go KL pac.

It's a one day event.

Rice Bowl Tee for sale!

Yatzi Jean Lau Tan - super model, yeah!

Hugo garden's members. Good hand-made stuffs they did. Good sales also. TOA students, should explore more events like this. Get more exposure!

Rice Bowl and Hugo Garden's.

Btw, T-shirt are still for sale. Money will still be donated through church. Until 6 July I will close the account. Support! Email me: sioyean@hotmail.com

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