Tropicana Life Street Tee Competition

This design won the 3rd prize of Tropicana Life Street Tee Competition.

My concept:
The word “STREET” is formed by letter “S”and “T” plus “Tree”. The original word suggests a street with trees. But something is missing in the street that we living in today. Buildings become the main elements on the street.

My design is a combination of typo and graphic, the street is slowly occupied by the increase of buildings. Cutting edge designers goes beyond “design for design sake”, they are more Eco-concern. The challenge of contemporary designers is to use design as a tools to communicate with the world. Tee shirt serves as an effective platform for artists to express their thoughts.

Again, what is more HIT than environmental issue? The street style reflects the thoughts and life-style of city living people and the real tropical eco-life.

Mine one is promo Tee-27. Just go to any Tropicana Life outlet and you can get the T-shirt. All the money collected will be donated to SPASTIC CHILDREN ASSOCIATION OF SELANGOR AND FEDERAL TERRITORY.

Tropicana Life is also having a Street Tee Exhibition Charity Drive. Check out the time-table. If you happen to see it when you're shopping, help me to take picture and send to me at I don't think I can visit all the outlets. Thanks ;)


老颜 said...

i like the combination of green n grey color, look fresh!

Tommo said...

And its even greater that it is for a worthwhile cause, the charity =)
Havent seen you for weeks la sio yean my lecturer...

junjun said...

eh this is so cool!

小原 said...

buy buy buy!