Tropicana Life Street Competition Prize Giving Ceremony

The event was started with percussion performance by SPASTIC CHILDREN.
Wonderful performance. The auntie who lead and train them is a great lady.

Good colleagues who come to support. L.Feng, Z.Yu and Z.Yong.

The exhibition in Sunway Pyramid 2nd floor near Tropicana life.
Buy and support the charity work. The models are friend, Jimmy Tan and student, Jennifer Choi Lin.

Other TOA winners, Kian Leong and Elroy.

More pic, see


tutu5 said...

wahhhh congratulation...
belanja makan... yeah yeah

老颜 said...

congratulations, man!
keep it up!

小原 said...

haha, thanks.

tutu5, sure, next time when I see you.

samenduck & mouse? said...

wow.....yeng wor...then how much is the baju huh?

小原 said...

RM45.90, can get in tropicana life, hehe.