About "Are You Still In The One?"

I got the most comments on this post.

I reread the post for few times and I found that I sound like an extremist in the post.

Sorry if I've offended you in one way or other which I don't intended to. Being a critical person I am just very particular in the question that people ask me. The post was what I thought of at that particular moment.

I treasure the friends who ask me this question out of care and concern. Thank you for your care.

Sorry that I make a mistake in the post, because Money is not the root of all evil but indeed is the LOVE of money causes all evil. I also need money and some how or rather, I can't live without money.

After receiving so many comments, I've thought about it again and again and I came to the conclusion that I need to accept the divide beauty and uniqueness of different individual. God has given different purpose and direction for different people so that this world is not full of only one kind of person which will be super boring.

I love you, because you are different from me. :)

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