Thank you all for attending my wedding ceremony

Finally, I'm married.

A big big thanks to all my friends who attended the ceremony, especially Eric, 38 and FYee who came all the way from jb, Fuk Tong, yaya, puilee, Lao sa from singapore.

Not to forget my closest colleagues, my boss and superiors. College gang Ben, yuwei & Ivery, david, lee kong, jason...

All the usher who help up all the way and didn't get to eat anything.

I was expecting 200 guest but 304 came, praise the Lord. That's pack.

Also need to thank:

Kitt the super wedding coordinator, Cedric and samen, the lengzai bestman and lovely bridemaid.

Tracy and Yachee cg who did the wonderful decoration with my favorite white and green color.

Des, Siaw hui/Ting sister, johnson and ricky who lead the touching and almost-cry worship.
We love the fast-beat Amazing graze.

My funny MC Ah Zhong who gave me so much idea.

Vincent and Jun Jie and Tsen Li, who follow us all the way, taking picture, recording, making us the superstar of the day.

Ps. Jonathan who came all the way from KK to sing to us a meaningful song.

Rev. KheeVun who bless the marriage.

FCC staff, esp. Hui Ling Jie and Chiu Yee Jie, haha, who teach us so much how the be a BIG MAN ( da ren)

The pretty ladies, xiang2 and maggie who jaga the counter and receive the love git.

Ruyi, nicole and laikang, who did all the patch up thing.

And who else?
Whoever came, thanks...

(the pictue will be upload very soon)


Jan Faye said...

Sio Yean & Jean, CONGRATULATIONS LA!!! sooooo handsome / pretty ah today (em.. actually it's yesterday liao) XD

小原 said...

yeah!!of course lengzai la!!!

Yiqi said...

Congrate! See you this saturday in JB ~

Lam said...

CONGRATS EH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lam said...

let christ be the head of ur family XD XD

老颜 said...

waiting your photo^^